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Capsule Filling Machine

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Capsule filling machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, and they make filling capsules a breeze.

We stock many different plate capacities, and you can choose from several sizes with different gauges and quantities. This capsule filler is manual, and it is easily operated by hand.

You can dramatically improve your efficiency with a capsule filling machine, saving you valuable time and energy.

What is a capsule?

A “capsule” is a pharmaceutical term, referring to methods for either dosing or containing precise amounts of medicines or other substances for the purposes of easy and safe distribution. Rather than filling these tiny objects by hand, a capsule filling machine (whether manual or automatic) allows you to quickly complete large batches in a single sitting.

Often times, the capsule itself is made of a gelatinous, semi-hard shell, designed to dissolve upon exposure to liquid, thereby effectively releasing the contents within. They typically come in two halves, allowing you to fill the contents in one half, then use this capsule filling machine to seal the contents inside.

In a laboratory setting, there can be many situations in which precise measurement, storage, and dosage can be required. And this handy device is a fantastic solution.

How does a capsule machine work?

The press can be filled with empty half shells of capsules, which are held in an upright position.

From there, you can fill the capsule shells quickly and precisely.

Once the capsules are full on one side of the capsule filling machine, the other half of the empty shell may be inserted into the opposite side of the press.

From there you can simply press the two halves together, thereby completing the capsule. When the manual capsule filling unit is pushed together, the pressure will force the capsules to seal.

For the price point, a manual capsule filling machine is a smart, economical alternative to more expensive, automatic filling machines.

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