BVV500 Homogenizer Kit

Size: Coarse



BVV500 Homogenizer Kit

The BVV500 Homogenizer kit includes a heavy-duty aluminium stand with the BVV500 drive, 316L dispersing shaft, and a stator-rotor release tool for the dispersing shaft assembly. The BVV500 Homogenizer has a range of 10,000 to 29,000 RPM and is easily adjustable with a 6 position speed control dial the drive motor provides a very safe and easily handled operation when not attached to the aluminium frame. The homogenizer also features a soft start motor that will prevent any erratic spills or messes and is easily outfitted with either a Coarse or a Fine toothed dispersing shaft to adapt to almost any application without the need for any tools.

BVV500 Homogenizer Kit Key Features:

  • 10,000-29,000 RPM Range
  • 6 Speed easily adjustable control dial
  • Great for mixing, shredding, chopping, or emulsification of solid or liquid media
  • One-handed operation OR Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame Stand for hands-free operation
  • 316L Dispersing Shaft that can be put in an autoclave
  • Resistant to most chemicals and abrasive materials.


Speed Control / Range 6 Position Dial / 10,000 - 29,000 RPM
Power Consumption 500w
Voltage 110v @ 60Hz
Noise Level 72 dB(A) @ 29,000 RPM

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