BVV Ultra High Purity 710 Extraction Solvent - 1 Gallon




BVV Ultra High Purity 710 Extraction Solvent

(Note: Container style and color may vary)

This is BVV's Ultra High Purity Lab Grade 710 Extraction solvent it contains a blend of 95% Food grade/USP/ACS 200 proof ethanol denatured with 4.5% high purity N-Heptane. This solvent is standard across the industry and has been formulated to alleviate the cost of the Federal Excise Tax on alcohol while still being viable for the highest quality extractions.

Key Features:

  • Significantly Reduced Cost due to the absence of Federal Tax
  • Products Exceptional Quality Extractions
  • Leaves No Residuals or Tastes
  • Evaporates Completely in a Rotary Evaporator

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