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The horizontal design for this system from BHOgart allows you to run hundreds of pounds per day! One of the best in its class of Continuous Extraction Systems, the 16-inch Bhogart Extraction Kit comes with three 4″ x 48″ Material tubes. These tubes can be interchanged while the rest of the system is running to maximize your production scale.

Modular HoneyPots™ allow the solvent recovery to be finished outside of the Horizontal extractor, freeing it up for your next extraction. The material tubes, BFE evaporation chamber and HoneyPots™ can all be recovered from simultaneously or separately for maximum control and expediency.

Built For Entrepreneurs who wish to maximize efficiency and quality while minimizing cost.


  • Horizontal base, giving you over three times the amount of surface area for solvent evaporation.
  • Heat exchange system to recondense recovered vapor.
  • ASME Certification.
  • VR² Vapor Recovery Recycler
  • FFP- BHOgart FFP is a modular manifold which allows maximum control over a closed-loop extraction
Recovery Pumps and Vacuum Pump sold separately.