BFO Pilot Extraction Kit

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BHOGART'S Biggest Stock extraction system yet. Designed to run 8-12+lbs/h or 100lbs in 8 hours!

The BFO Pilot extraction system is a continuously operating solvent extractor. Designed to run 100 lbs of material in an 8 hour work day. The BFO comes with an 8 tube rack allowing for either 4″ x 48″(standard) tubes or 6″ x 48″ material column in tandem. Each modular material tube holds between 4-5lbs ensuring the highest quality yield and not just the highest yield.

Advantages to be expected from the BFO Pilot Extraction system are:

  • High product throughput of 8-12lbs of material an hour.
  • Fully Closed loop Advanced Recovery system for rapid recovery.
  • recovers 97% of all working solvent for Reuse lowering operating costs.
  • Fully modular components allow for easy upgradability and longterm viability.
  • Well engineered evaporation chamber for faster recovery.
  • ASME certified Recovery tank to meet local compliance.
  • Two additional honeypots™ for Extract removal during operation.
  • continuous operation maximises time usage ensuring employees always have something to do.
  • Minimized thermal hazard (a necessity for heat sensitive compounds like terpenes)

Recovery Pumps and Vacuum Pump sold separately. Unit does not come with extra honeypots