Allegro Explosion Proof Socket




Allegro Explosion Proof Socket

Allegro Explosion Proof Socket is designed to be used in hazardous locations and features an iron mounting box with triple coat finish and spring-loaded door keeping dust out of receptacle when the plug is not in use. When the plug is in use, a neoprene gasket inside receptacle seals around the plug keeping out dirt, water, and other foreign matter. Available in 110V (9503-03) and 220V (9503-06). 

Plug 110V - NEMA 20A / 1HP / Explosion Proof
  220V - NEMA 20A / 2HP / Explosion Proof
Connector 110V - 125VAC / 20A 
  220v - 250VAC / 20A 
Poles/Wires 2P3W Grounding
Door Spring Cover
Box 1-Gang
Hubs (1) 1/2"
Dimensions 3-3/16" L X 6-3/16" W X 6-1/4" H
Material Aluminum, Malleable Iron
Color Gray

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