Agilent IDP-3 2.1 cfm Oil-Free Dry Scroll Pump - 110V

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Agilent IDP3 Scroll Pump Ideal Uses

  • Vacuum Ovens (Approximately 2 cubic foot size) such as the Cascade Model CVO-2
  • Clean Room Processes
  • Analytic & Research Laboratories
  • Backing Pump For Agilent 5977, 5975, and 5973 Series GC/MSD
Why We Like The Agilent IDP3 Vacuum Pump

Agilent’s 2.1 CFM dry scroll pump is oil-free – making it a clean, compact, quiet, high performance vacuum pump. The IDP3 uses a single-sided scroll design that allows for a straightforward maintenance procedure with simple tools.

Oil-Free Is The Proper Pump Choice for Clean Rooms, Bio-Pharma, Nutraceutical Processes

With an oil-free scroll pump, there is no chance of having a product batch contaminated by “back streaming” of the dirty hydrocarbon oils associated with oil-filled rotary vane vacuum pumps.  Because it’s oil-free, the Agilent IDP3 does not smoke out of the exhaust or require filters and traps on the vacuum pump inlet and outlet.

Hermetically Sealed = Clean & Safe

Agilent’s IDP3 pump is hermetic, with the motor and all bearings completely isolated from the vacuum path. This design extends the bearing life and provides clean, dry vacuum to the application. The hermetic design of this pump allow for longer life by protecting the interior workings of the pump from aggressive solvents, corrosives, etc.

Pull Deeper Vacuum / Gas Ballast

This pump has a gas ballast screw valve. When installed, it helps the pump handle large vapor or water loads more effectively. When not installed, the pump will pull a slightly deeper vacuum if desired.


Agilent Part Number: IDP3B01
Pump Type: Oil-Free, Scroll
Pumping Speed: 2.1 CFM

      60 l/m, 3.6 m 3/hour
      50 Hz: 50 l/m, 3.0 m3/hour

Ultimate Pressure: 3.3 x 10-1 mbar

      2.5 x 10-1 Torr

Power: (Cord Included)


  • 100-120V / 1ph Standard
  • 200-240V / 1ph Optional
  • Motor: 0.16 HP

    Intake Connection: KF-16

    Dimensions: 16.02”L x 10”W x 7.3”H (407mm x 254mm x 186mm)

    Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg)


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