Edge-Folded Aluminum Pan Shelf for AccuTemp & Elite Vacuum Ovens

Model: Accutemp 0.9


Premium quality aluminum pan shelf with folded edges for Ai AccuTemp and Elite series vacuum ovens. Aluminium, in addition to being a great thermal and electrical conductor, is also remarkable for its light weight and its ability to resist corrosion.

Important! For AccuTemp 0.9 and 1.9 cu ft vacuum ovens, these shelves are only compatible with the newest models with slide-in shelf support, NOT the older models with brackets/clips.


 Oven model       
 Shelf dimensions (width x depth)  Shelf thickness
 AccuTemp 0.9 cu ft vacuum oven
 11.5 x 11.25"  2 mm
 AccuTemp 1.9 cu ft vacuum oven
 16 x 14.25"  2 mm
 Elite 1.0 cu ft vacuum oven
 11.187 x 11.187"  2 mm
 Elite 2.3 cu ft vacuum oven  15.125 x 15.125"
 2 mm
 Elite 4.4 cu ft vacuum oven  19.125 x 19.125"
 2 mm
 Elite 7.6 cu ft vacuum oven  23 x 23"  2 mm


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