5LB Apollo Top Fill Closed Loop Extractor




The top-fill closed loop extractor is the safest way to perform a  hydrocarbon extraction. This 5LB unit performs high-quality botanical extraction within a sealed vacuum system.

Solvent washes through the material column and collects oils as it passes over the material, and oil-bearing solvent is collected in the collection base. Once extracted, the solvent in this passive unit is recovered using temperature manipulation, leaving the essential oils in the collection base.

The Apollo Top Fill Closed Loop Extractor comes with a one-year limited warranty and has a number of optional upgrades to enhance your extraction process.

This unit can be upgraded into an Active recovery unit by purchasing the upgrade kit. https://www.bestvaluevacs.com/clasu-k-trs21.html

Unit Includes:
Collection Base
    •12"x12" Welded Bottom Base
    •Assembled 12" extractor lid
(2)4"x24" Material column with reducer & top cap
#50 LP tank
96" High Pressure PTFE Braided SS Hose
12" clamps, (3)4" clamps and a 2" clamp with gaskets
Extra of each type of gasket
Instruction Manual

Optional Upgrades:
IF YOU SELECT HIGH-PRESSURE CLAMP UPGRADE, you must also select the high-pressure option with the other applicable upgrades to receive a system fully outfit with high-pressure clamps. Upgrades come standard with single pin clamps.

  • System Valves

    • Made in USA SSP or Swagelok instrumentation Valves

  • Base:

    • Splatter Platter for easy cleanouts

    • Jacketed base to speed up recovery

  • Recovery Tank:

    • 3lb capacity 6"x6" SS reclaim tank

    • #30 Stainless Steel LP

    • #25 Jacketed Stainless Steel Tank w/ Internal Condensing Coils.

  • Hemispherical Lid

    • Adds extra headspace and allow a better view of the center dip-tube and collection base. The hemispherical lid has (2)1/4” FNPT and (2)1/2” FNPT ports, (2)2” tri-clamp ports for sight glasses and a 1.5” tri-clamp port for the center.

  • Dewaxing Column:

    • Replaces the standard 4”x24” bracketed spools with their sleeved counterpart. The sleeve is packed with dry ice to freeze the material, stopping the waxes and lipids from being extracted.

  • Ball Valve

    • Adds a 1.5" inline ball valve, clamp, and gasket

    • Best paired with dewaxing columns

  • Inline Sight Glass:

    • Adds a 1.5" Inline Pipe sight glass. This is used to see solvent drop from the material column into the collection base.

  • • High-Pressure Clamps:

    • Replaces standard clamps with the high-pressure variants. Note**This upgrade only applies to clamps on the base unit. If other upgrades are selected, you must selected the high-pressure option for that upgrade**

  • Quick Disconnects:

    • Replaces JIC fittings with a quick release option by either SSP or Parker.

  • Active Upgrade Kits:


•(2) 4"x 24" 304 Stainless Steel Material Tubes
•316 Stainless Steel Fully Encapsulated Miniature Ball Valves
• System Rated to 150PSI
• Multiple port connections for _" 316 Stainless JIC 37 Degree
• 304 Stainless Steel Base Container 6" diameter by 12" tall
• Tri-Clamps at all interfaces make for a high pressure, easy clean unit.
• Viton Gaskets are designed for Oil Processing Temp range -40-200F
• Dimensions (Inches):25" x 7.5' Diameter overall size
• Weight: 75 lbs.
• Operating Temperature Range: -40F to 160F
• Ultimate Vacuum: as low as 10 Microns
• Base unit Maximum Capacity: 1275 cubic inches, (2.553 Liters)
• Construction: All components made of 304 Stainless Steel.
• Max Vacuum -29.9inHg
• High Polish Interior



***Note: Butane(Solvent) not included with systems unless ordered with dropdown menu or separately. Any order with butane WILL NOT SHIP EXPEDITED.


DISCLAIMER: This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in extremely well ventilated areas. Check with your local fire marshal for guidance when operating indoors  

Closed Loop Reclamation Extraction System 
(Comes with 1 yr. Limited warranty)
Please Read Optional Upgrades Section for Clarification on System Upgrades

    The 5lb closed loop hydrocarbon extraction system performs botanical extraction within a sealed, vacuumed system. Utilizing a top-fill input, solvent washes thru the material column, collecting oils as it passes over the material. Oil bearing solvent is collected in the collection base under the material column. Once collected, solvent is distilled and recovered, leaving the oils in the collection base. This is a passive unit that utilizes pressure differences created by manipulating temperature to move solvent. 

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