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The BHOgart 5-Lb system is a cost effective solutions to your extraction needs. It utilizes food grade (304L and 316) stainless steel to perpetually ensure a clean product. This five pound extractor runs 13 pounds of solvent at once, which is adequate to run a material tube as large as 6”x36”. The unit also feactures a large 12”x12” collection vessel allows for superior recovery times and for increased versatility, the 5 lb extraction system comes with a 4” x 48” material column.

Unit includes:

  • 5 lb Vertical Collection Base 12″
  • 12” x 12” Recovery tank – 6 Gallon w/ 4″ lid
  • Condensing Coil or ASME Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger
  • FFP Manifold
  • Attached Desiccant 12″ (Molecular Sieve)
  • 4″ x 48″ Material Tube Assembly w/ dual port lid
  • x6 – LP350 5 ft Nitrile Hose
  • x1 – LP350 1 ft Nitrile Hose
  • 5lb Bucket of 3A Desiccant