3-Way Valve, 0-8mm



3-Way Valve, 0-8mm

Vacuum Valve - 3-way

Our new, three-way vacuum valve lets you precisely control the flow of two different substances or gasses.

The LS custom vacuum valve is a very useful tool, especially when you’re trying to control the flows of different gasses into the same vacuum system.


  • American-made, borosilicate glass,
  • precisely control the flow of two different gasses,
  • designed for high-vacuum applications,
  • accurately set ratios via the flow control knobs,
  • GL-18 caps and straight barbed fittings,
  • rigorously tested in real, commercial laboratories.

A vacuum valve for high-vacuum applications.

This valve can be set up to allow the inflow of gas to two separate areas (or two different areas of the same vacuum system).

It can also be configured to allow two unique gasses to mix together in varying ratios via the flow control knobs. You can even use this valve to flush your system by pulling vacuum down off one line and then feeding in an inert gas through the other line to backfill your system.

GL-18 caps and straight barbed fittings.

We wanted to be sure that this product would meet the strictest demands for for connectivity, by creating a plug-and-play product that would seamlessly integrate into just about any lab.

Rigorously tested.

We’ve used and thoroughly tested our high vacuum valves in a variety of real world scenarios, and there’s a reason that these 3-way valves are now heavily used in labs all over the world.

Note: This piece is required to use the high capacity bubbler for nitrogen/inert gas backfilling.

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