3" Diameter 700 mL Diamond Miner with Integrated Dewatering System

Regular price $1,190.00

Turnkey Lab Systems 3" 700 mL Diamond Miner with integrated dewatering system. This miner is perfect for larger Live Resin runs of 5-12 lbs. This machine is also perfect for making THC sugar using dried material. The Diamond Miner comes with laser etched nucleation sites, integrated desiccant chamber and high visibility site windows. The Diamond Miner can operate unpressurized or pressurized to 10-15 PSI with Industrial grade Nitrogen. The Diamond Miner comes with quick disconnect fittings with check valves and a high precision needle valve for easy gas injection. The units are made in the USA of all stainless steel and pyrex with viton gaskets. The Diamond Miner is in the PSI approval process and is safe and easy to use. The Diamond Miner comes with a money back 30 day guarentee and is warrantied for 1 year. Finally, the Diamond Miner by TLS comes with a full SOP with pictures on how to complete the diamond making process.