20L Dual-Jacketed Reactor



20L Dual-Jacketed Glass Reactor

(complete with all upgrades)*

This 20L dual-jacketed glass reactor is perfect for carrying out synthesis reactions and extractions.

Designed for supreme temperature control and stability.

A key advantage of the dual jacket system is that you can pull vacuum on the outer jacket while pumping cooled or heated fluid through the inner jacket.

This construction also prevents ice from forming on the outside of the unit, and it gives you a quick and clear view of what’s happening inside.

The reactor features adjustable stirring speeds (as well as a constant-pressure feeding funnel) which lets you add material at a regulated and uniform rate.

With the attached condenser, capturing volatile material is not only possible, it’s easy.


  • solvent resistantPTFE on all components that are under vacuum, ensuring a great seal and extended life span
  • PTFE stirring rod bearing –  smooth & quiet operation while maintaining chemical resistance
  • accepts multi layer stirring bladesreinforced PTFE stirrer with anchored agitator – great for a wide range of viscous material
  • wide temperature operation rangefrom (-110°F to 400°F)
  • digital temperature & stir display for complete control over temperature and stir rotation; optimize your system with liquids of different viscosity
  • analog vacuum gaugeprovides a reliable and accurate way to measure you system vacuum depth
  • glass bottom drain portEasily drain the product inside the reactor to a collection chamber or holding tank.
  • glass condenser with PTFE drain port attachmentCapture volatiles and drain them – they can be reused via the condenser and drain port.
  • in-vessel temperature probeEasy, fast and accurate temperature monitoring, so you can achieve your exact required temperature.
  • glass vacuum port with PTFE on/off valve 3/8th in. hose barbOpen or close the vacuum port to the system and control pressure inside the system.
  • heavy-duty stainless steel support frame
  • lockable castersfor ease of mobility and functionality


  • Comes with stir controller, insulation jacket, feeding funnel, and stir motor
  • No chillers or heaters come with this kit.
  • A free, high-quality thermo insulation jacket is included with purchase.


System And Electrical Parameters

Model: R20


Electrical 110V, 60Hz, 1-PH, 90W
Capacity 20L (5.3 gal)
Jacket Capacity 6L (1.6 gal)
Glassware High Borosilicate glass 3.3
Rotation speed 50 to 500 RPM
Vessel head domed with multiple openings
Drain valve Flush seal valve
Agitator 304 stainless, PTFE reinforced
Funnel Pressure Equalizing
Vacuum gauge Mechanical
Temperature range -110°F - 400°F
Vacuum Level < 700 torrs
Vacuum seals PTFE
Ground clearance from drain 13 Inches
Unit dimensions  20 x 27 x 80"
Shipping dimensions 24 x 75 x 31"
Pallet weight 262 Lbs

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