2-Port Inlet Adapter, 45/50 Rodaviss Inner Joint, GL-18



Cap Stopper with 2-Port Inlet Adapter

– by Lab Society

Cap Stopper with 2-Port Inlet Adapter

Lab Society’s 2-port inlet adapter contains two GL-18 connections with bent barbs, and can be used with most 45/50 rodaviss joints.


  • 2 GL-18 inlet ports with 2 bent barbed fittings for GL-18 connections – One has a downstem, and the other is a side port with no downstem,
  • Rodaviss 45/50 stopper,
  • Can be used for vacuum applications,
  • American-made borosilicate glass.

GL-18 fittings.

Perfect for quick and easy connection/disconnection of the ports. You can replace the barbed fittings with pieces of your choosing, allowing for maximum customization. As long as your fittings are compatible with a GL-18 connection, anything is possible!

Rodaviss Stopper.

This adapter lets you connect to a 45/50 (outer threaded joint) via the rodaviss joint – this joint prevents glassware from getting stuck, and it was designed for easy removal. When the stopper is unscrewed, the black plastic ring presses up against the protruding glass while applying even pressure, allowing for a safe disconnect of the joint every time.

A multitude of uses.

This custom cap stopper has a wide range of uses, and it can be used in any glassware with the correct size rodaviss joint – as long as the 3″ stem below the joint can fit inside.

Also great for vacuum systems.

This custom made adapter allows the user to connect a liquid feed line to the GL-18 connection, which is connected to the down stem or the center neck.

The side port without a downstem can be used to connect to a vacuum pump and will pull liquid from the feed line (or center neck) as long as there is a continuous vacuum.

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