16CF BVV Vacuum Oven - LCD Display and LED's - 8 Individually Heated Shelves




16CF BVV Vacuum Oven - LED - 8 Individually Heated Shelves

Introducing the all-new 16cf Best Value Vacs Touchscreen Vacuum Oven! This thing is a real monster. Featuring eight massive direct-heat shelves, each with its own individual temperature control, our new oven has well over twice the capacity of our next size down.


DISCLAIMER: This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in WELL VENTILATED AREAS!

Backed with our 2 Year Parts and Labor warranty

Our ovens offer:

  • The guaranteed industry standards ability to lose less than 1” Hg over a 24 hour period.
  • Reliable deep vacuum that reaches below 0.1 torr. with stainless steel compression-fit tubing and stainless steel instrumentation valves.
  • Uniform heat which is key to an effective oven. Our ovens offer 7% temperature uniformity across all shelves with offering ±1⁰ stability in temperature.
  • Comes standard with the maximum number of shelves and a well-lit LED interior.
  • Items Included: KF-25 clamp, adapter, and gasket; 5' 37⁰ female flared HVAC hose; USA power cord; and oven operation manual. You’ll get the complete package only with Best Value Vacs.

Key Oven Features:

  • KF25 Vacuum Port w/ stainless steel instrumentation valve
  • Inert Gas Purge Port w/ stainless steel Needle Valve for flow control
  • Easy Vac-Release Dial allows release of vacuum without disconnecting pump or purge
  • Stainless steel interior for a sanitary, easy-to-clean look
  • Oil-filled vacuum gauge for high accuracy and reliability
  • Level-adjusting caster wheels for mobility and stability
  • Overload circuit breaker for electrical protection
  • Stainless steel, compression-fit internal vacuum tubing for optimal vacuum hold
  • Large, tough, stainless steel door handle feels solid and works great
  • Direct shelf heat technology features shelves with encapsulated heating elements for precision heat delivery
  • Shelves regulate temperature independently to maintain the highest degree of uniformity
  • Independent timers will automatically shut-off a single shelf upon completion while allowing the others to continue running
  • Increased vacuum bore diameter to allow for fast vac-down times.
  • 8 independent, direct-heat shelves provide the fastest, most stable heating performance while still providing the operator with complete, flexible control.
  • Massive, spacious viewing window is ¾” thick, made from tempered glass, and well-lit with both blue and white LEDs calibrated to a proper white-balance.
  • Ships with KF25 adapter, flange, and braided 3/8” hose.



16CF Oven

Interior Capacity (volume)

28228 in3

Total Shelves


Shelf Capacity (area)

745 in2

Total Shelf Capacity

5960 in2

41.4 ft2

Temperature Range

RT – 212OF

RT – 100OC

Temperature Stability

± 1.8OF

± 1.0OC

Electrical Characteristics

120 VAC

60 Hz





3/4” Tempered Glass

Maximum Vacuum Level

-29.9” Hg


-75.4 cmHg


-1 MPa


<1 torr

Interior Material

Polished Stainless Steel


653 lbs

Outside Dimensions

39”w x 42”d x 44”t



  • 120V / 60Hz / 1760W (Shelf Power 8*220W). Peak current draw 15a.
  • 20a outlet receptacle required (NEMA 5-20)
  • Exterior Dimensions 42” x 39” x 44”, 653lbs
  • Chamber Dimensions 32” x 26” x 34”
  • Shelving 29.5”w x 25.25”d – Over 5 ft2 – Over 1.5lbs of material per shelf
  • Eight direct-heat shelves – Shelf spacing approximately 3.25” apart – Total area over 41 ft2
  • Time required to pull vacuum: approximately 10 minutes with our Pro Series 21.2cfm pump
  • Vacuum Port: KF25 Flange


Note: This oven does NOT contain a vacuum pump. External pump is required to achieve vacuum pressure

Note:This item is a freight ship item and will ship Via UPS ground Freight. Expedited freight can only be calculated by calling customer service 331-281-0154. All orders with expedited freight through the website will not be honored and will need to be re-quoted. A valid Phone Number IS REQUIRED to ship, Otherwise UPS freight Cannot Contact you for a delivery setup window. Freight Time is 2-5 Days. West Coast 5 Days, Midwest 2 days, East Cost 3-4 days.

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