Robotic Cartridge Filling Workstation



Robotic Cartridge Filling Workstation (with Pump)

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Cartridge Filling Machine

A cartridge filling machine you can absolutely rely on.

If you’ve been looking for an automated solution for filling your (distillate) cartridges, look no further. This robotic machine has a pump that delivers high-viscosity safely and with micro-liter accuracy into the cartridges.

Fills up to 156 cartridges per rack.

This workstation has up to 400mm of addressable space (depending on tray size) on both the X and Y axes and 50mm of stroke length in the Z-Dimension (up/down motion).

What’s included?

High Viscosity Pump

The patented pump delivers high viscosity reagents with microliter accuracy.

The all-stainless-steel pump has a built-in heater for the piston chamber, transfer lines, and material reservoir.

The pump includes a high-resolution, micro-stepping piston drive motor with encoder and pressure feedback. Monitoring the pressure on the piston provides microsecond resolution to know when the piston enters the fluid delivery chamber.

  • Includes all electronics
  • Includes micro-stepping Z motor driver
  • Software allows the user to specify the volume to deliver
  • Delivery accuracy is +-0.004 grams


  • Operating software is written to the users’ specifications.
  • Basic functions of the software allow the user to control all elements of the pump system, including volume dispensed, dispense speeds, and system temperatures.
  • The PC graphical interface allows the user to specify the number of rack or cartridges to fill and provides a real-time graphical interface showing the status of the robot.
  • Software includes free modifications according to user requests.

Cartridge Racks

  • The user must supply 12 samples of the cartridge at the time the robot is ordered – in order to accurately make each rack.
  • Racks are custom milled to fit the users’ requested cartridge
  • Rack dimensions are 12” x 12” – and typically fit 144 to 156 cartridges per rack
  • Racks are made from white Delrin
  • Includes 4 custom racks
  • Additional racks can be purchased for $285 each

Cartridge Filling Machine Installation

Installation, Calibration, and Training on the robot are included at the customer’s site with a purchase of this workstation.

Optional add-ons:

PC (Optional)

  • Laptop Windows PC for robot operation.
  • The PC provided will be a Dell, Lenovo, or HP. Intel Core i5 processor, 15.6” screen, 8GB DDR4, 1 TB hard drive.

Software preloaded on the (optional) computer includes:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 – (the development environment)
  • A copy of the robot’s original source code
  • All drivers for the robot
  • Software for remote diagnostics and debugging, including:
    • Serial communications terminal emulator
    • Software packages from all robotic component manufacturers.

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