Frigimat Economy - Dry Ice Maker

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Low-Density Polyethylene Chamber for Molding Dry Ice

Produces a solid 454gm (16oz) block of dry ice in one to two minutes. Each 50lb. cylinder of liquid CO2 with a dip tube will make 8 or 9 blocks of dry ice measuring 9.2 x 10.4cmL (3⅝ x 4").
Polyethylene ice chamber is held in place by a metal clamping mechanism

Porous polyethylene diffusion plate vents excess gas

Built-in gas pressure gauge and relief valve

Epoxy-coated steel frame has four non-skid rubber feet to prevent sliding

Includes a 1.8m (6ft) nickel plated copper connecting tube with standard CGA 320 (0.830"-14) thread couplings for easy attachment to a LCO2 cylinder