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The CUP SERIES ALCOHOL EXTRACTION SYSTEMS provide the ability to extract and target botanical compounds from a variety plant material. This extraction technology can isolate specific botanical compounds through programmable sequences, effectively targeting the desired separation. The system combines closed-loop, cold alcohol extraction with mechanical centrifugation which ensures high-purity extractions.

In other words, Alcohol extraction just got a lot easier.

The Centrifuge Utility Platform provides accurate control over important extraction variables:

  • Alcohol Residence Time
  • Basket RPM
  • Spray Wash Stripping
  • Cycle Agitation Strength
  • Plant Material Drying
  • Temperatures
  • Data Logging
  • Automatic Cycle Programing
  • Manual Cycle Programing
  • Min/Max Parameters
  • Ethernet Connection
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Cycle Tracking
  • Administrative Functions

CUP-30 Production Capacity

  • 25-30 lbs of Plant Material Per Batch (depending on mill size)
  • Avg. Run Time: 10 - 20 Min (depending on SOP)
  • Approx: 600 lbs Processing Per 8 hr Shift
  • Alcohol Requirement: 25-30 Gallons per run

Standard Features

  • Closed-Loop System (As Defined By the State of California)
  • UL listed Electronics C1D2 for Hazardous Locations
  • 3rd Party Engineer Review
  • 304 and 316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Construction
  • Low temperature rating: -40c
  • Tempered and Reinforced Sight Glass
  • Vacuum Jacket Insulation
  • Bi-Directional Agitation
  • Auto/Manual Controls
  • Digital HMI Interface
  • Variable Speed Control
  • 97% Removal of Alcohol From Botanical material
  • Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Made in USA

System Specifications:

  • 208-240v- 30 FLA - Three-phase
  • UL Certified Class 1 Div 2 Motor
  • UL-NEMA L6- R30 Plug
  • Footprint of CUP-30 Machine:
    50"L x 27.5"W x 46.5"H
  • Footprint of CUP-30 Driver Panel:
    25"L x 32"W x 54"H