PurePressure Rosin Press

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Pneumatic Rosin Press

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These Pneumatic Rosin Press systems are offered in two, Colorado-inspired models: the Longs Peak and the Pikes Peak. Each model can be purchased as an individual unit or complete kit.

Pneumatic rosin presses use heat and pressure to create a rosin. The built-in aluminum 3″ plates press and heat materials (placed inside) evenly, up to 300°F.

These impressive machines have two separate thermocouples (one in each pressing pad) for accurate temperature control.

Each unit comes with dual pressure control.

This feature means that you can start your run with low pressure, preventing material blow out from the mesh bag. You can then increase the force to high pressure, and squeeze out any remaining product.

Easy to read LCD screen.

With its easy to read LCD screen, control over the rosin press has never been easier. You can pre-program up to 30 different recipes, so you can save time when frequently switching between pressing different grades of product.

Operates using compressed air.

Compressed air is the driving force behind a pneumatic rosin press, so you’ll need to purchase a separate compressor in order to run them.

If you follow the minimum suggested compressor guidelines provided with each unit, you can reach up to 16,000 pounds of output pressure between the two plates (depending on model). You can be sure that you’ll squeeze out every last drop of valuable material.

Highly configurable operation.

These pneumatic rosin presses can be set up in various configurations. They have multiple sets of stands (or legs), so you can use the system vertically or horizontally. This will help you free up valuable work space, increasing your workflow and efficiency.

With a rosin press from Pure Pressure, safety takes center stage; Each unit has a large emergency stop button, so you can quickly turn off the entire system in the event of any problems. Always only use heavy machinery according to the safety guidelines expressly set forth in the product manual.

Comes with one year warranty.

The pneumatic cylinder does not require any oil or special upkeep, and each unit comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Note: All rosin presses require a minimum of a 30-gallon tank, check below each unit for individual stats. Bear in mind that the air compressor is sold separately!