Glass Thread Adapter

Size: KF16 to GL-18


Glass Thread Adapter

– Lab Society

Our brand-new GL to KF glass threaded adapters let you easily convert your system to a KF a connection from a GL connection, for a tight vacuum seal.

Please remember that you’ll need a vacuum clamp and centering ring to ensure a tight seal.

  • Viton O-Ring – ensures a tight seal under vacuum conditions
  • Made of PTFE – chemically resistant and extremely durable
  • available in two sizes: (GL-18 to KF-16) & (GL-18 to KF-25)
  • simply tighten with your fingers for an adequate seal

Note: When using these fittings in conjunction with a vacuum monitor, the vacuum probe should never lie upside down or flat. A vacuum probe should always be in the upright position, and it may require 90° adapters to ensure the piece remains upright.

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