BVV MAG-SIL Adsorbent for Chromatography




BVV MAG-SIL Adsorbent for Chromatography

BVV MAG-SIL Adsorbent for Chromatography is an adsorbent for the separation of lipids and is a commercially prepared magnesia-silica gel. Mag-Sil has a coarse mesh size which helps with rapid flow rate for column chromatography. It's main benefit is pesticide removal from extracted plant material and will dramatically improve the color and clarity of the material. It also has the provided benefit to bind to polar water-soluble compounds which can be filtered out through a 20-micron mesh screen. Comes in a 100 or 500-gram container and is white, powdery, and granular in its consistency. Each bag includes a 5cc scoop inside.

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