Buchner Funnel Filtration Kit




Buchner Funnel Filtration Kit

This Buchner FUnnel Filtration array was designed for continuous filtration of oils by using our 4 port vacuum manifold to run all of the Buchner funnels in tandem while allowing the user to isolate a funnel if needed and only use 1 vacuum pump instead of multiple pumps. The user is able to choose a system size and configuration as needed to best suit their application. 

This Kit Includes the Following:

  • (4) 16mm Bossheads
  • (2) Lab Stands
  • (2) 3 Finger Clamps
  • (1) Support Rod
  • (4) Conical Flasks 
  • (4) Buchner Funnels
  • (1) 4 Port Glass Vacuum Manifold
  • (10') Gum Rubber Vacuum Tubing

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