Benchtop Filtration Funnel, Stainless Steel 10”



Stainless Steel Benchtop Filtration Funnel

– by Lab Society

Stainless Steel Benchtop Filtration Funnel
Our brand new Benchtop Filtration Funnels are made of stainless steel, and they have a 10 inch diameter. These filtration funnels have a level spout exit to ensure efficient drainage, which reduces the need for tilting.

With a durable and reliable funnel in your corner, you can quickly and easily separate solids or particles from your solution.


  • stainless steel,
  • 10″ diameter,
  • silicone rings & sanitary clamps,
  • built for max throughput.

Silicone rings & Sanitary Clamps.

Our benchtop filtration funnel comes with two silicone sealing rings and two ten-inch sanitary clamps. These aid in sealing the system together.

Built for max throughput.

This model was designed to give you max throughput while not sacrificing quality or quantity, and it is able to be put under pressure to speed up the filtering process.

Interested in vacuum filtration?

Filter papers may be required (depending on application), and we offer several kinds for you to choose from in our vacuum filtrationcategory.

If you’re looking for vacuum filtration solutions for this benchtop kit, you may want to consider a Duran vacuum flask and a vacuum pump like Welch’s DryFast units.

*Note: To set up a pressurized benchtop funnel, you will need special adapters. If you have any questions please give us a call!

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