Best Value Vacs Refrigerant Recovery Scale - 50KG

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Best Value Vacs Refrigerant Recovery Scale - 50KG

This is the Best Value Vacs Brand 50Kg (110LB) Refrigerant Recovery Scale which provides the user with the information of how much Refrigerant/Solvent is being filled into the tank or how much has been removed from the tank being weighed.


Technical Specifications:

Model    BVVWS-50 BVVWS-100
Weight Range  50Kg/110LB/1764oz 100Kg/220LB/3528oz
Resolution 2g/0.01LB/0.1oz 5g/0.01LB/0.2oz
Accuracy 0.05%
Display LCD (7 segment)
Power 9V DC, >=80Hrs. Continous
Working Enviroment



Platform Size 237x237mm/ 9-1/3" x 9-1/3"
Weight 5Kg
Anti-Collision YES

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