Stacking Sift Screen Kit




Stacking Sift Screen Kit

It's time to go pro with the Stacking Sift Screen Kit. This kit features 3 large, high-quality wooden sifting frames produced right here in the Midwest. Featuring anti-slip feet on the bottom screen to help prevent damage and magnets in each frame to maintain alignment, the Stacking Sift Screen Kit has it all. Detailed Specifications:

Frame Dimensions 20" x 18" x 1.5" tall
Frame Material Lacquered Wood
Screen Material Nylon
Mesh Dimensions Approx. 15" x 17" usable mesh area
Mesh Specifications Coarse / Sift: 185μm mesh
Mid: 150μm mesh
Fine / Clean: 70μm mesh
Features Magnetic-Locking Frames
Anti-Slip Feet
Superb Screen Quality and Tension
Includes 3 Stacking Sifting Screens, Precision Tweezers, User Instructions
Package 19" x 20" x 6", 11lbs

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