G3 Full Bore Kit (5L)

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Now you have a plethora of options to upgrade your existing 5L or 12L kit.

From single to dual inline distribution adapters, your kits can be combined with our various primary/secondary condensers (MCK) and inline cold traps for extreme modularity, system stability, and vacuum tightness.

Less contamination, better distillation.

The inline multi-distribution adapters can rotate back and forth (swing arms), allowing you to collect desired fractions without disconnecting the system. This means reduced contamination and a better end product.

Utilizing full bore, there is little to no hold-up, as the size is continuous throughout, from the distillation head all the way through the rest of the unit.

Efficiency + modularity = big wins.

To promote increased condensation efficiency and cold trap efficiency, the 90° adapter has an air condenser that provides an area pressure drop (pre-cold trap) that creates turbulence prior to entering the inline cold traps (dual or single, via DCT-2HE, CTK-2HE).

KF connections.

Finally, the FBK includes KF25 flange adapters for a simple and superior, sealed system.

Included in the 5L Kit:

  • One (1) Liebig Condenser – 24/40 top outer, 29/42 bottom inner (primary), UV detector capable
  • One (1) Connecting Adapter – (29/42 top outer to 29/42 lower inner)
  • Two (2) Inline Distribution Adapters – one single and one dual, top & bottom joints 29/42, receiving joints 24/40
  • One (1) Distribution Receiver – 29/42 horizontal outer joint, 24/40 vertical outer joint, 45/50 Rodaviss top joint
  • One (1) 90° Adapter – 45/50 Rodaviss inner joint, horizontal 34/45 outer joint
  • One (1) KF25 to 24/40 and One (1) KF25 to 34/45 – made of PTFE, allowing KF25 connections to the system
  • All necessary clamps, clips, and adapters