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Terpene Strain Profiles

– True Terpenes

We’ve got terpenes for sale from True Terpenes, and these blends can be mixed or processed into a wide range of different products.

Choose the strain profile that’s right for you.

Products that have had terpenes added to them will have enhanced flavor and smell, thanks to the unique “strain profile”.

These terpene blends were specifically designed to replicate the terpene profile of various flavors and plants. Each strain profile mimics different strains of plants as closely as possible by trying to match the same terpene ratio as would be found in the plant itself.

True terpenes for maximum scent and flavor.

These high-grade terpenes are what every lab needs when flavoring or adding scent to products that will be sold on the market. If you would rather manufacture your own terpenes, Lab Society sells our own Terpene Distillation Kit, which can be run with either nitrogen or steam.

Save time, skip terpenes extraction.

Our terpene distillation kit allows you to make your own terpene blends, however manufacturing terpene profiles can be time-consuming and costly. We wanted to give you both options – make your own, or just use True Terpenes to get up and running in a flash.

Now you have the flexibility to decide what’s best for your lab.

We sell terpene vials in the following sizes: 2mL, 15mL, 30 mL and 120 mL.

Terpenes add a robust flavor and smell to various products, and they are heavily used in many industries such as candle manufacturing, cleaning products and many more.

Note: These products contain no psychoactive ingredients.

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