Distillation Arm



Distillation Arm

– by Lab Society

Distillation Arm
Our Lab Society Distillation Arm has a downward side arm with a 5° angle, to help channel vapors towards the graham condenser. The top joint is a 45/50 upper outer joint, the bottom joint is 45/50 lower inner, and the arm has a 24/40 lower inner joint.

The upper 45/50 joint can be used to monitor vapor temperature via a thermocouple adapter and vapor temperature monitor.

A replacement distillation arm for our terpene kit.

This piece of glassware is a replacement component for our Terpene Distillation Kit. As long as you have the correct glassware to match the joints of the distillation arm, however, this unit can be a valuable addition to your existing setup and components.

High quality, borosilicate glass.

This Distillation Arm is made out of borosillicate glass and was produced in accordance with the strictest of standards.

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