Biophos Bonanza

Size: 1 Quart



Suite Biophos Bonanza Gallon

Suite Biophos Bonanza Gallon is one of the best organic plant bloomers and root promoters on the market! This naturally organic product is formulated for hydroponic and soil indoor gardening systems and includes free-living fungi that help in the uptake of phosphorous, the secret ingredient that makes your plants bloom.

Active Ingredients: 14% Humic Acid, 1.4% Zinc, (Humic acid, fulvic acid, zinc sulfate, penicillium sp. and plant active ingredients)

Suite Leaf Biophos Bonanza Gallon is formulated for hydroponic and soil indoor gardening systems.

Suite Leaf plant nutrients are a blend of all natural + organic plant nutrients for indoor hydro, soil or greenhouse home gardening. Suite Leaf plant nutrients are made in the USA and endorsed by Danny Danko, plant cultivation pioneer. Suite Leaf is a forward thinking company that wants to show the world their transparent, ‘less-is-more’ philosophy on cultivation while feeding your plants our all natural liquid fertilizers and amendments. They believe their innovative approach to cultivation will change the way you think about home gardening.

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