Yttrium Stabilized Zirconium Oxide Mortar & Pestle 4" to 6"



Polished Yttrium stabilized Zirconium Oxide octagonal mortars and pestles are 60 times the hardness of regular steel, highly wear-resistant, and resistant to acids and solvents. They can be used whenever small quantites of samples need to be crushed or grinded by hand.


 Bulk density
 5.95 g/cm3
 Y2O3  5.15%
 TiO2  0.0018%
 L.O.I (1000°C)
 Rockwell hardness  >89 HRA


 Size  4-inch  6-inch
 Item number  ZMP4  ZMP6
 Mortar OD  4.4"  6.3"
 Mortar ID  3.5"
 Mortar height   2"
 Mortar bowl depth   1.7"  2.1"
 Pestle length  3.5"
 Pestle top diameter      0.8"
 Hardness  12.6 GPa
 Density  6 g/cm3
 Total weight  2.7 Lb  8 Lb

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